Monday, 26 December 2011

Bagwati - A new adornment to my closet!

I finally realized that there is no Santa. After years of keeping those lists under my pillow and waiting endlessly for some old man from the sky to come and drop in an awesome gift or two, my wait has officially come to an end. I know I took a little more time than all you grown ups. :P Okay, So I take it upon myself to be my Santa, to quench my desires for those gifts. And well, during one of my recent quests to get hold of something good in a mall, I saw this Bag.

Well, to be honest, I do not shop, I normally go on a quest. A mission rather to get hold of something awesome…. frisking unknown things, visiting an infinite number of shops, sometimes even talking to those inanimate objects to let them excite me.. and then, you guys think that we girls take a lot of time to shop! Come on, it is more of a religion to us..

So, yes, coming back to the topic. I see this awesome bag sitting beautifully in the window of this showroom. One look and I knew that’s exactly what I wanted. I mean, in spite of the price tag attached to it. Hmm, yeah it costed a bit, Rs 8500 to be exact, but then, as they say all good things come for a price.. well, most of them certainly do.. sadly! So, here was my Bagwati. Staring me right into my eyes, like some prince charming to get her.

Introducing Ms. Bagwati : An extremely welcome addition to my collection. Yes, sweet heart you adorn my closet quite well. And I'm absolutely lovin' this. It has space for everything that goes into a woman's bag.. My heart-shaped mirror, hair-brushes, mascara.. and the rest. Ah, well guys stop right there. You're not supposed to know what goes into a woman's bag! 

So, Ms. Bagwati finally ends my quest for a perfect bag officially, Until it starts again….. :P

Sunday, 18 December 2011

One for the man of my dreams…

Driving down on a foggy morning with my car’s music player on repeat mode at just one song “you are beautiful” by James Blunt, made me feel heavenly and put this soft smile on my face today. It’s not that there was something special today but some how I smiled every time he repeated “You are beautiful, It’s true” ' It may be for the way he hums these words is a lot more than just a compliment to a girl J  

I know I am one of those hopeless romantics at heart who believe in concepts like “Happy ever after”, “made for each other” and “soul mates”. Who gets touched with most of these love stories no matter how clichéd they are, who live for the feeling of possibility and hope, who know that love does not exist only in books….

As a little girl I always dreamt of fun, spontaneous and wonderful surprises that love will bring in my life. In my early teens, I was fascinated to imagine that when I will fall in love my life will become more beautiful, every day more colorful, every morning more bright. It’s like when you feel like any other protagonist in Yash Raj films. You will wake up happy every morning, people will suddenly start smiling at you, music will play in the back ground, you will look yourself into mirror some twenty times a day, the wind will make your hair blow in the right directions, and it will rain only so that you can look supremely gorgeous. Every thing will be just PERFECT. We all have thought like this at some point in our life. Haven’t we? :) Perhaps that’s what we call innocent growing up days. But then, as years passed, I realized that it’s not this music in back ground, wind or rain that makes it perfect it’s just HIM

We all have to accept the fact that life is not like a typical bollywood movie where you come across him at an epic moment, with some soft music playing at the back drop and you know that he is the one! Yet, deep down I strongly feel that when that person is around, you know that he is the one with whom you really want to spend the rest of your life with and your heart says, “Yes he is the one, go grab him girl!” :)

I know….. I know for a fact many things…..

No one secretly leaves flowers at your doorstep each day.
Agreed! But he may just know my favourite flowers and gets them for me. 

No one surprises us daily
Agreed! But one day he may just suddenly drop in to my office to make sure if I am fine

No one tells you every day that how much they love you,
Agreed! It might be at least expected moment when he says, I LOVE YOU.... and I turn speechless

Falling in love is certainly beautiful. Something that heightens the wonderful experience that is life. Some day, I want to get married looking at my best to someone who cannot believe how unbelievably gorgeous I am [ok now even if I am stretching it a bit, but it's my wedding day ;-) ]. Lol

And now till that day comes I write this blog for this future guy so that one day when he will read all this he will just know how long I have been waiting for him to come along :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

A classy evening watching Polo: The game of Kings and the king of Games

I still remember the days when any polo match used to telecast and leaving all my stuff aside, I used to glue to my couch with large glass of coke and nachos in hand. The time when with every goal, I used to jump off my couch making loud noise and almost shaking the walls of my rooms. Lol That was the time when my love for this sport began to flourish J  I used to think a day will come, when I will also watch this match live and will experience this game of kings with great deal of amusement and mirth. Months and years passed and one fine day I got a special invite from The Reid and Taylor to come and watch the match at their premium lounge at Jaipur Polo Ground.

The day arrived and I dressed up for the occasion wearing my fancy blue hat that complimented my dress quite well. I made my red carpet entry in full princess style as if I am not the spectator but chief guest of the match. Hahaha J  There was a dash of glamour and luxury thrown in good measures every where. The Polo ground was full of Ambassadors, expats, socialites, royals and who’s who of Delhi glitterati who came in full attendance to enjoy the high voltage polo action. I spectated the final match of the royal sport polo which was full of pulsating moves, charismatic horsemanship, skillful stick work and occasional clashes and falls. It was quite the experience to feel the thundering hoofs gallop across the field and to listen to the deep, quick breaths of the horses.  I holded my glass of white wine and enjoyed the game play out in sun, cheering every “chukka”. Players changed horses after every chukka due to extreme demand placed on pony. It was a learning experience for me and I learned a lot about the game. I also continued my photography sessions in between and got some amazing shots J 

Polo was and will remain a pinnacle of sports. I enjoyed this fast and furious game in a very amiable social atmosphere. It was certainly one of the most glittering events on the social calendar of the global elite. Finally Samir Suhag smashed five goals in powering Cavalry-Jindal Polo to a 11-9 victory over Jindal-Carysil in the final round and won the match. The ground was full with applauds. It was my first live polo experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

After polo match we left for a nice mid evening lunch at “The living Room” which was followed by a nice musical evening at “Thadi” where we enjoyed the hot cup of tea at open terrace. The chilly winter, laung chai, amazing company and sound of drums made my evening perfect J 

The day was memorable and definitely scores a special entry in my blog J 


Monday, 31 October 2011

Formula 1: An encounter with thrilling beast machines

Cars, Speed, Power, Thrill, Adrenaline rush, Passion, Excitement, Action - all these words go synonyms with what I experienced in formula one race last Saturday. What an experience! Without exception, just like millions of other Indians it was a very proud moment for me as Formula One race debuted in our country. The screams of the machines howling past at over 300kph provided goose bumps to all incredibly excited F1 fans like me J  It was a dream come true for millions of racing fans in India to witness the grandest sporting spectacle.

I have always loved the thrill and passion that these adventure sports bring. While writing this blog, I am going back to the memory lane when earlier this year I participated in India’s largest women car rally based on TDS format from Delhi till Jaipur which also got an honor in Limca book of records. I know this doesn’t even come close to what these F1 racers must be feeling but I could some how relate myself with the sport as the enthusiasm to realize the sense of adventure, a love for life and curiosity about the unknown was same here as well. I still remember the freedom of open roads and loose bunch of destinations which were more refreshing than any thing else and it puts a smile on my face every time I think about it. Two girls, unknown roads, 963 kms on road and our adventurous trip… How I skipped my heart beat twice while overtaking trucks in speed and traveled till Pushkar only to meet a friend after 5 yrs.  Ever since then my love towards Formula 1 has been growing at an exponential rate. Happy memories!!!!

Ok ok by now we all know why I was so enthusiastic about attending this race J  I was trying for these passes for very long with no success but I guess the universe specially conspired to make this wish true for me, as just a day before the event I got the premium pass. Whoa! Chance to watch these excellent drivers from one of the best stands in the circuit J  Engines started to fire up and wheel guns started to scream. Yes! That was the time when these ultimate cars began to emerge one by one. The race began and so as my excitement level. The whining sound of Formula 1 cars made my heart also race. The 130 db sound pumped my heart like any thing. There were over 1,00,000 spectators for the exciting show. We were watching the sport from the main overtaking spot and saw some spine-tingling action, many daring overtakes and an awful lot of close racing.

The cars were flying past us at a little more than 300 kmph and they made me skip a heart beat every time a driver overtook another one. I could see the excitement on the faces of the people with me. We were discussing our expert views munching the spicy nachos and giving amazing facial expressions every time the cars past us. Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull at the end of last lap crossed the chequered flag and won the race. It was a good battle and an action packed session.

The day ended but left me with lots of happy memories. I had no clue how quickly the day passed by. All I know is I was full of smiles by the time I returned back home J 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A chapter in my life called - Mumbai!

So recently I returned from my favorite vacation spot – Mumbai J  I know many people who are reading this right now will say, What??? Mumbai a vacation spot? But yes, for me it has been special every single time I visited it. This year it was my fourth visit to this city of dreams. Mumbai has given and taught me a lot – Few people who changed my perspective towards life, few experiences that changed “me” forever but most importantly a sense of being independent that scores above it all…

The more I visited it, the more I seemed to be in love with it. This free spirited fun character city always makes me feel alive beyond measures. I love Mumbai for it's color, constant buzz of life, enthusiasm, people and for how it embraces everyone and everything. I have seen the crazy night life here, spent day on beach side just in my own company, enjoyed perfect bites of street - side pav bhaji , spicy pani puri, chuski and made memories that will remain in my heart till lifetime.


In this visit, I decided to have the real flavor of Mumbai.  I always had this fascination to travel in local train of Mumbai. After having a fabulous time with my colleagues at hard rock café, I decided to meet a friend who can be part of my crazy plans in realization of life. No matter what time of day it is, this city never sleeps. I asked the car driver to meet us exactly after two stations and I ran towards the local station as it was the last train of my life that I was about to miss. Being late at night, the train was less crowded and I got lucky enough to get the window seat. Looking outside the train I was trying to feel the heart beat of Mumbai J  It was an experience that I may not be able to put across in words….

Local train ride ended but not my greed for life. I wanted to live through that every moment of night. And there could not have been a better way to sit at Worli sea side, watching the sea and discussing the experiences of life with one of the people in my life whom I respect the most.

At around 3 am,  amidst cold breeze, watching the beautiful waves crash I was sipping what they call in local language “Cutting chai” Ahhh - little happiness of life that makes big difference and makes life look brighter J  I realized I can spend a whole night sitting in front of the sea just watching the water and having beautiful flash forwards of the upcoming attractions of my life.

In such a beautiful city, it takes an effort to get out of the bed and go to the office... I would rather go to the beach.... But having no choice left I crawled myself out of the bed. I came out of the hotel but don’t know why my feet steered me towards Sidhi vinayak temple instead of office where I had divine darshan of ganpati bappa. After taking his blessings I finally proceeded towards office. Such an effort na! lol

Mumbai is not amongst the most beautiful cities of India. It is not even a place where life is relaxed, yet it attracts me like no other city of India.  This city has had and still have, some spell on me. May it call me again and again to discover its versatility all the more. Amen!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

'I gave this life everything' ... ♥


-->They say all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware and may be that’s something which makes it even more interesting as we have no clue as to what will happen next and we can’t take any coming experience for granted. My insatiable love for travel has taken me to many such places that took my breath away with their beauty and helped me to evolve as a person. But Yes, my this trip to Phuket and Bangkok was special to me in more than many ways. It brought me closer to myself than ever before. I heard the voice in my heart, jumped with bungee from 50 mtrs height and won my fear, got professional recognition in terms of getting “deal of the year” award, got drenched in rain walking at city roads at 4 am in the morning discussing life with a friend, and danced for hours as if there is no tomorrow…. 

The journey started with immense excitement in my heart as I was about to have my first international trip and also to experience the sense of freedom in my quest to know this life all the more. It was more than seeing of sights, relishing local culture, food and history. For me it was the journey not just the destination and I loved the every halt that came on my way. Phuket was more beautiful than my imagination. The scenic view and the amazing weather stole my heart away. I decided not to follow any pre defined itinerary and continued to start my journey my way. No one in my group was interested to try the adventure sport of Bungee Jumping. Having no other option for company, I took the step of making this attempt alone. On reaching the Top of 50 mtr height, I closed my eyes, spread my hands as if I have sprouted wings and took the fall. For few seconds I felt as if my heart beat was stopped but I lived through that each and every moment with a smile. This experience will always remain close to my heart. 


I used to party hard every night till the time we were asked to leave as it was time to shut the place and I could not wait to wake up every morning and jump straight out of my bed to see what new surprise this new day has to offer me. In a formal occasion, to my most pleasant surprise, my name was announced to receive the “Deal of the Year Award” It certainly feels great when your company recognizes your contribution and efforts and considers you to be part of their success. I got this Glow on my face while receiving congratulating notes from every one J 

My first encounter with extreme closeness to a tiger in my arms at a wildlife park, my giggles and laughs for no reason and my walk on unknown roads in middle of the night feeling the rain and the life will always be stored deep in my heart. I know, I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, not an ounce of unused desire and talent in me… To be able to say in my last days, 'I gave this life everything' ... ♥

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

On a beautiful rainy day I met life… and we had so much in common...

I was returning home from office today and suddenly these rain drops started falling on the wind shield of my car. Soon enough dark cloudy sky, lightning and thunder followed. I felt as if suddenly the whole atmosphere around me changed and got into the fun mode. I watched people carrying their umbrellas, running around protecting themselves from the water and not letting even a single drop of rain come in contact with their body.

I took my hand out of the car and felt the lovely rain on my finger tip. I leaned on the window and stared at how rain drops fall from the sky. Soon enough, I was tempted to get myself drenched… I gave a look at my rare view mirror, blinked at myself…. [Yes, I do that quite often when I am alone n in some witty mood ;-) ] and came out of my car with my umbrella in hand. I stopped for couple of minutes on the road observing the scattered queue of people somehow afraid to get wet.
In few moments, I don’t know what happened to me and I threw away my umbrella and allowed the beautiful drops of rain kiss my face and body. A unique smile came on my face. I looked up in the sky, closed my eyes and, felt the drops of water drip down my face giving me feel of a freedom. And may be some thing more….
I was completely soaked. My long stiletto was off my feet by then and I found myself enjoying the rain barefoot J  Trust me it felt absolutely heavenly… I felt like splashing all the puddles around. The concrete shivers, the chillness sending down the spine…. Ah… I knew I may get cold but do I actually care when I am experiencing something so heavenly? Nah! It was like romancing with the nature… and allowing those silver little drops kiss you… The smell of rain on the mud making you breathe even more deeply… I love to hear the thunder and watch the lightning as if its god’s way of asking me to smile and he is ready with his flash camera to click me…. Lol Thunder screams in my ears to look above and think only sky high…..

After about 15 minutes of getting drenched in pouring rain and living through that every moment, I lifted my waterlogged sandals and quickly get into the front seat of my car playing my favorite song these days “ Tum jo aaye zindagi main baat ban gai” ;-)
The adult and the child in me were happy, smiling, loving every moment on our way home as they got the opportunity and the experience of meeting the life in the rain….

Monday, 15 August 2011

Journey of a woman through love, admirers, breakups and evolution as a mature woman!

Life is such a cosmic term that even a complete lifetime is small enough to untie its mystery and beauty. Taking inspiration from my own life, here today I am making an attempt to pen down a girl’s journey through her different phases of innocent love, admirers, breakups and evolution as a mature woman.

A Girl starts coming across the admirers even before she could understand what this all means. We live in a society where a 5 year old can be raped too. Passing through the adolescent age when she reaches age of 16 she finds her own fairy tale world where every guy just loves one girl and every girl has that one guy in her life that means world to her. People marry only to their first loves and live happily ever after like all the fascinating stories. She trusts blindly, smiles and blushes every time you call her beautiful. When you say “I love you” to her that simply means you will only marry her. That’s the age when we fall in our so called “first love”.

At that age it’s all about staying up late talking to each other, discussing about the future with uncertainty of how long it will last. It’s a risk you both are willing to take even if it means you’ll end up with a broken heart. But then with the passage of time this illusionary world starts fading away. We realize we are growing up, we realize things change; we realize life is not only about our dream world. There is much more to it and we learn how to move on…. When first time our heart broke, doesn’t it felt that life is coming to an end? When each love song you listen reminded you of that person in one or the other way… We all have gone through this stage. When you break up a small part of that person remains in your heart. The magic of breaking up with your first love is the time when you learn to cry, let go, be strong, and be wise. It’s one of the hardest things you do trying to teach yourself not to be attached to someone anymore and to get over them so that the next time you love again it may be better than the first time; you never know!

Years later we think about this innocent love, we think about the crazy things we did, about how our first love meant the world to us and we remember it all as sweet memories of our lives :)

At some point comes the time when each girl lives with guilt… A guilt to keep things to herself, guilt to have fallen in love with wrong guy but for all the right reasons, a guilt of breaking some one else’s heart. When you know some one loves you madly but you can’t reciprocate the same feelings. And all she can do to heal that person is saying “I really like you but only as a friend “. Now that’s something all we girls have said at some point of time – Haven’t we? ;-)

That little girl grows up so fast before she could even realize it. And then comes the time when the right guy arrives. Every dream starts making sense once again. But, she experiences this confusion if he is the one with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life with… A stage when even the most handsome man cant take her heart away because the man she gave her heart to is the most eligible guy for her in the world. No proposals can melt her heart and no words can touch her heart. She wants what her heart desires the most.

One never knows what lies ahead in life. We all live with this gut feeling that something good is bound to happen. I do believe in destiny. I do believe in miracles. I do believe that everyone gets his/her perfect soul mate sooner than later, it is just a matter of time. It’s true that destiny plays a role in our life but we have to build those bridges to reach to the right one for us.

As they say "Always Keep your eyes and ears open. Lightening can strike anytime" 

Monday, 8 August 2011

My visit to Ghost town: Bhangarh

Bhangarh – This one name was spinning in my head since the time I read about it in a book related to the history and tales of India. We have heard about ghosts and haunted places but the question is how many such places have the distinction of being acknowledged by govt. to prohibit the entrance in the boundary before sunrise and after sunset? Bhangarh is one such place and is considered to be most haunted place in Asia. It is said that Bhangarh was destroyed overnight, and the spirits of the killed still exist there and no body returns from this place who stays here after dark.  I was so eager to visit this magnetic place that I made this program in couple of days. I asked few people to join me but most of them gave this strange expression as if even before reaching the place they were scared to be caught by the spirits. But then what better it could have been to explore the place with best of your pals on friendship day :) Finally the day came and the journey began to satisfy our quest to find the truth and decode the unknown.  We started our drive from Delhi and our car flew fast amid lush locales of Rajasthan. 

Bhangarh has a dark story of black magic. Locals of the place say that the charm of princess of Bhangarh Ratnawati was said to be matchless in entire Rajasthan. In the Kingdom of Bhangarh a tantrik fell in love with her and cast a spell on a bowl of oil using black magic which would hypnotize the princess by her mere touching the oil and she would come to him. But as soon as the princess got the oil she threw it on the block of a stone as she had seen the tantrik eying the oil. Princess sensed the spell and cast one of her own which mortally wound the tantrik who cursed the city before dying that that there will be such an incident that everybody in the palace would die and their souls will stay there for centuries without rebirth. Local villagers say that whenever a house has been built there its roof has collapsed and it seemed to be a fact as we noticed that all the houses there were made of straw not bricks.

After hours of driving and singing songs at top of our voices we all reached Bhangrah. The weather was amazing and we all were in full mood to enjoy at the fullest. There was some thing really strange about the place though. On our way locals were warning us not to stop the car at any deserted place near the fort and be cautious of people asking to stop the car. This was certainly increasing our ad reline rush. We started exploring the place with eagerness and found few strange things and suffocation inside the fort. Suddenly it began to thunder and rain. Yup! It definitely added the flavor to our trip in filmy style. But contrary to getting scared we started getting drenched and dancing in rain. Jumping around the trees and making stupid noises to scare our people was the first job in hand. After spending few hours there we decided to head back to Delhi enjoying local Rajasthani food at dhabas on highway.

Everyone was happy with the overall experience but something was really very unusual about the place, something that's beyond description, beyond reach. But what ever it was we all will remember this day for long time to come....

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Express Yourself !!!

"Many times in life I’ve regretted the things I’ve said without thinking. But I’ve never regretted the things I said nearly as much as the words I left unspoken" goes a very famous saying...

Right since my childhood, I've been very expressive. I remember how in every social gathering, I always had a joke to say, a song to sing, an act to perform on and every little chance to make stupid faces… Umm, well.. the last part, I still do… :-P

I remember my dad telling me, "Enjoy your feelings that you have today. Your smiles, your pain, your laughs, your fears, your learning because as you grow older and become more mature you may realize that you are missing the feelings within,  you will cry but less, you would bother about people but less, you will not shed tears like you do now, things will change and so will you"…. And today I realize how true he was…

Perhaps, this is the reason I wanted to start my blog. It’s like a window to peep inside my soul. My blog is for me and not for anyone else, perhaps because some day when I would grow old, through this blog, I would be able to look back in time and re–live these special moments of my life  :-)

At times, I get amazed at my own thinking how a person can feel so many emotions in a single day but may be that’s what makes me feel alive. And I think I know how to strike a right balance between my emotional and realistic self. Each morning I get up with this smile on my face and tell myself that today is going to be an amazing day although it’s not always true. But at least it gives me a wonderful start for the day. Throughout the course of a day, I live through many different emotions. ... My emotions are  an expression of me. Very few people have this ability to express what they feel and I consider myself lucky to be one of those very few. And I am so thankful for this.

When we store up our emotions, or feelings, they strongly crave for expression. Allow yourself to feel. Take pride in your feelings and it might just be the only thing which can actually save you and lift you out from where you are trapped…

So, next time when you feel like getting drenched in the rain, talking to a complete stranger, laughing out like crazy with your friends, shouting after a day full of agonies… Don’t hold back, just do it…

Sunday, 24 July 2011

An encounter with myself !!!

As I began to write this blog, I had no clue what it would lead to, but I kept writing to learn more about myself through the process of writing. With each word that condensed out of my thought process, I believe I came closer to a realization of my self being.

Just like me, there are millions of people around the globe and each one of them is a lead character in their own story. They dream, they wish, they miss some one; they have secrets that no one would ever believe are true. Just like you and me, they are searching for some answers as to “How”, “when” and “why”.  At one moment they might want to meet every single person on this earth and in some moments, they just want to stay away from every being. They are just like you. You can open your heart out to them and you know they will understand. And right now, they’re sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so that you don’t feel you are just “one” like that.

This post is more for myself today than for the reader. It represents an honest look at what I used to see when I looked into the mirror almost a year back and what I see now. Something happened along the way. I abandoned my personal boundaries. I learned to stand up for myself, and stand on my own. I would not trade this one year with myself for anything in this world because the footprints of my past that I've left behind in this one year has no regrets, for the choices I made helped shape and mould me into the person I am today. Far from what I was and not yet what I am going to be….

For the first time in my entire life, I focused on myself. I gave myself the same love, affection, attention and time that I gave to others. In all honesty, just recently, I took a long, long look in the mirror. It wasn’t just one of those passing glances to check my hair or makeup. I stared into the mirror and locked eyes with the person who reflected back and I was happy with what I saw..

Every single ounce of the woman that I am was tailored by this time. I traveled new places, gathered the courage to go to new destinations all alone, spent an entire day at the beach just in my own company, in a city where no one knew me, performed on stage to let myself be what I am, drove to the roads unknown to me taking me to far off destinations that my heart always wanted to explore, took a leap in my professional life and many more things that made me feel “I am free and Alive”.

I learned that people are different and that’s perfectly fine. I've realized that certain people in my life GENUINELY love me, while there are others about whom I’m still not sure. I’ve had things happen to me that I will take to the grave but each of those things has given me a backbone that’s incredibly strong.

I am a person who recognizes her blessings.. It never mattered how big or small, I know them when I see them. I have also, without a doubt, been grateful for the people who entered my life. Some of those people moved my world and others have become my saving grace.

And today I pray to the God Almighty to place me in the path of such people who may need me (for whatever reason) and to also place people in my path who will bless my spirit.