Monday, 31 October 2011

Formula 1: An encounter with thrilling beast machines

Cars, Speed, Power, Thrill, Adrenaline rush, Passion, Excitement, Action - all these words go synonyms with what I experienced in formula one race last Saturday. What an experience! Without exception, just like millions of other Indians it was a very proud moment for me as Formula One race debuted in our country. The screams of the machines howling past at over 300kph provided goose bumps to all incredibly excited F1 fans like me J  It was a dream come true for millions of racing fans in India to witness the grandest sporting spectacle.

I have always loved the thrill and passion that these adventure sports bring. While writing this blog, I am going back to the memory lane when earlier this year I participated in India’s largest women car rally based on TDS format from Delhi till Jaipur which also got an honor in Limca book of records. I know this doesn’t even come close to what these F1 racers must be feeling but I could some how relate myself with the sport as the enthusiasm to realize the sense of adventure, a love for life and curiosity about the unknown was same here as well. I still remember the freedom of open roads and loose bunch of destinations which were more refreshing than any thing else and it puts a smile on my face every time I think about it. Two girls, unknown roads, 963 kms on road and our adventurous trip… How I skipped my heart beat twice while overtaking trucks in speed and traveled till Pushkar only to meet a friend after 5 yrs.  Ever since then my love towards Formula 1 has been growing at an exponential rate. Happy memories!!!!

Ok ok by now we all know why I was so enthusiastic about attending this race J  I was trying for these passes for very long with no success but I guess the universe specially conspired to make this wish true for me, as just a day before the event I got the premium pass. Whoa! Chance to watch these excellent drivers from one of the best stands in the circuit J  Engines started to fire up and wheel guns started to scream. Yes! That was the time when these ultimate cars began to emerge one by one. The race began and so as my excitement level. The whining sound of Formula 1 cars made my heart also race. The 130 db sound pumped my heart like any thing. There were over 1,00,000 spectators for the exciting show. We were watching the sport from the main overtaking spot and saw some spine-tingling action, many daring overtakes and an awful lot of close racing.

The cars were flying past us at a little more than 300 kmph and they made me skip a heart beat every time a driver overtook another one. I could see the excitement on the faces of the people with me. We were discussing our expert views munching the spicy nachos and giving amazing facial expressions every time the cars past us. Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull at the end of last lap crossed the chequered flag and won the race. It was a good battle and an action packed session.

The day ended but left me with lots of happy memories. I had no clue how quickly the day passed by. All I know is I was full of smiles by the time I returned back home J 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A chapter in my life called - Mumbai!

So recently I returned from my favorite vacation spot – Mumbai J  I know many people who are reading this right now will say, What??? Mumbai a vacation spot? But yes, for me it has been special every single time I visited it. This year it was my fourth visit to this city of dreams. Mumbai has given and taught me a lot – Few people who changed my perspective towards life, few experiences that changed “me” forever but most importantly a sense of being independent that scores above it all…

The more I visited it, the more I seemed to be in love with it. This free spirited fun character city always makes me feel alive beyond measures. I love Mumbai for it's color, constant buzz of life, enthusiasm, people and for how it embraces everyone and everything. I have seen the crazy night life here, spent day on beach side just in my own company, enjoyed perfect bites of street - side pav bhaji , spicy pani puri, chuski and made memories that will remain in my heart till lifetime.


In this visit, I decided to have the real flavor of Mumbai.  I always had this fascination to travel in local train of Mumbai. After having a fabulous time with my colleagues at hard rock café, I decided to meet a friend who can be part of my crazy plans in realization of life. No matter what time of day it is, this city never sleeps. I asked the car driver to meet us exactly after two stations and I ran towards the local station as it was the last train of my life that I was about to miss. Being late at night, the train was less crowded and I got lucky enough to get the window seat. Looking outside the train I was trying to feel the heart beat of Mumbai J  It was an experience that I may not be able to put across in words….

Local train ride ended but not my greed for life. I wanted to live through that every moment of night. And there could not have been a better way to sit at Worli sea side, watching the sea and discussing the experiences of life with one of the people in my life whom I respect the most.

At around 3 am,  amidst cold breeze, watching the beautiful waves crash I was sipping what they call in local language “Cutting chai” Ahhh - little happiness of life that makes big difference and makes life look brighter J  I realized I can spend a whole night sitting in front of the sea just watching the water and having beautiful flash forwards of the upcoming attractions of my life.

In such a beautiful city, it takes an effort to get out of the bed and go to the office... I would rather go to the beach.... But having no choice left I crawled myself out of the bed. I came out of the hotel but don’t know why my feet steered me towards Sidhi vinayak temple instead of office where I had divine darshan of ganpati bappa. After taking his blessings I finally proceeded towards office. Such an effort na! lol

Mumbai is not amongst the most beautiful cities of India. It is not even a place where life is relaxed, yet it attracts me like no other city of India.  This city has had and still have, some spell on me. May it call me again and again to discover its versatility all the more. Amen!