Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tourists don't know where they have been, travelers don't know where they are going!

I have always believed that taking regular breaks from the mundane chores of daily life is very important. A break to pause, to contemplate and enjoy...... A break to seek some inner tranquility and rejuvenation… I was planning my Mumbai trip for long but this time it was not for my work. It was for few personal ties, for few unanswered questions in mind, for some of my close friends and above all for my time alone with me.

With my boarding pass in hand, I was off to Mumbai – clueless as to what waited for me on the other end of the flight. I was sitting in the plane with some uncertain rug pulled in under me. Something was happening… My heart was racing with anticipation at the unknown.

During the course of meal I started chatting with a fellow passenger in flight who told me about the holy shrine, Shirdi which is highly placed on the map of spirituality and draws innumerable pilgrims from far and wide. It had been my mother’s unfulfilled wish to go there for several years. When my co passenger was narrating me about the place, my eyes suddenly lit up, I thought about my mom and said to myself with a smile "This is it! I am going there in next couple of hours"

 I have often heard my elders say that one cannot reach God’s altar unless he summons. Probably true! My flight landed in Mumbai around 8:15pm and around 5:30 am next morning I was all ready to leave for Shirdi alone. Just few hours; and route of my journey changed by bizarre plans of destiny. I was really wondering how comfortable it would be for me to travel to an unknown town, unknown state, that too through roads that I had never known about but as usual path finder starts the journey alone humming a song “Ekla Chalo Re” by Ravindranath Tagore, I began my journey alone to the holy pilgrimage of shirdi J

It was a different feeling covering 7 hours long journey one side in company of my own being having many self realizations and watching some very spectacular scenery through vast green plains and huge windmills. It was drizzling on the way. I pulled my face outside the window, closed my eyes, smiled and felt those beautiful raindrops on my face. I spent most of my journey playing with a little girl who wanted to tell me all her poems and also all alphabets  she learnt in school by singing innocently H, I , J, K, elleo mello , p, ello, mello, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z lol On my way, I smiled with many strangers, had food at dhaba with locals, clicked many pictures and also tried being a shepherded for a while :P  

On reaching Shirdi I had Darshan of baba and took his divine blessings. I knew it since beginning when he beckons; he also creates bridges for us to cross. The focal point of the room was the life-size marble statue of Sai Baba. The statue is serene and peace etches out in its every fold. Just one look at the kind, compassionate face and you know that all will be right with the world. I was filled with the deep sense of gratitude and peace I can’t even describe. I made my way back to Mumbai post this.

Next day was reserved for Lonavla with my friends. Once again a day filled with laughs, stupid expressions and lots of love. May be the emotions can best be described with the face book pictures that are talking aloud of the fun we all had. It was my first visit to Lonavla. Rains and waterfalls had definitely added to the beauty of the place. I can’t forget to mention all the special dinners, silent talks and beach walks that I had in Mumbai. In my every visit this city has given me something and has also taken from me. But every time I have returned from here I have become a better person. Some one who values life, people, relations and know the meaning of living life and not just existing. So till this city calls me next and shower me with new surprises I am back to my people to spread some more smiles and take many more blessings in return. Amen!

Monday, 16 July 2012

And some forever are real!

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” – ~George Moore`~

So true the words are .... It's no stretch to say that a person has immense fortune in life if they have a loving supportive home. There is no coincidence in it that God organizes us into families so that we can live together and grow up in a happy and secure atmosphere with two loving parents.

People who have lived through a disaster never say, "All I could think about during the flood was my bank account." They almost always say, "All I could think about was my husband and children." It shouldn't require a disaster for us to know this truth. I feel blessed and an overwhelming sense of gratitude to have been born in a family where I have been taught to value the relations. The most meaningful moments in life are the ones you share with your family. I still remember the time when I stood first in the class and my dad took my report card to his office with enormous proud feeling to show his colleagues, when I saw my parents laugh and smile, and see how much they loved each other, when my sister gave me a high five after cracking that stupid joke with me, when I broke a flower vase and my parents forgave me instead of yelling at me, when my dad become a proper little nurse when I fell ill, when my family went through a rough patch and we all stood together for each other. These are the moments that made me realize the value and importance of family and the feeling of being loved.

They are the reason; I wake up every morning with a smile cherishing all that I have. It's the sip from dad's cup of tea every Sunday morning, it's still when I run up to mom to hug her first thing when I return home in the evening, it's Parul's teasing smile as I wrinkle my nose at the mention of mom making that ghia sabzi for dinner; it's the way dad gets excited when he cooks a new dish and can't wait for me to try it and get excited too, it's that every little gesture that make me fall in love with them even more :)

Nothing in the world can replace the place of family in life. They welcome you with a smile and a hug and heat up dinner for you even when you arrive home really late; they love you so unconditionally that you feel like opening up to them about every silly little detail that's disturbing you. But you wouldn't do that as you know your tears will hurt them too and you can't bear that sight in a million year, you know you will come back to them eventually, wherever you get carried away to in life and most importantly they don't forget your birthday. Ever!!!!

They are the people who were there for you. In good or in bad times they are the ones who showed up, who stayed there for you in spite of what was offered to you by destiny. It's not only about blood relations but something much superior that ties the knot of love and togetherness.  Not every one is fortunate and growing up is tough for some without the love and support they long for. So value the relations and don't let chasing materialistic pleasures steal from you what no money can buy.