Monday, 26 December 2011

Bagwati - A new adornment to my closet!

I finally realized that there is no Santa. After years of keeping those lists under my pillow and waiting endlessly for some old man from the sky to come and drop in an awesome gift or two, my wait has officially come to an end. I know I took a little more time than all you grown ups. :P Okay, So I take it upon myself to be my Santa, to quench my desires for those gifts. And well, during one of my recent quests to get hold of something good in a mall, I saw this Bag.

Well, to be honest, I do not shop, I normally go on a quest. A mission rather to get hold of something awesome…. frisking unknown things, visiting an infinite number of shops, sometimes even talking to those inanimate objects to let them excite me.. and then, you guys think that we girls take a lot of time to shop! Come on, it is more of a religion to us..

So, yes, coming back to the topic. I see this awesome bag sitting beautifully in the window of this showroom. One look and I knew that’s exactly what I wanted. I mean, in spite of the price tag attached to it. Hmm, yeah it costed a bit, Rs 8500 to be exact, but then, as they say all good things come for a price.. well, most of them certainly do.. sadly! So, here was my Bagwati. Staring me right into my eyes, like some prince charming to get her.

Introducing Ms. Bagwati : An extremely welcome addition to my collection. Yes, sweet heart you adorn my closet quite well. And I'm absolutely lovin' this. It has space for everything that goes into a woman's bag.. My heart-shaped mirror, hair-brushes, mascara.. and the rest. Ah, well guys stop right there. You're not supposed to know what goes into a woman's bag! 

So, Ms. Bagwati finally ends my quest for a perfect bag officially, Until it starts again….. :P

Sunday, 18 December 2011

One for the man of my dreams…

Driving down on a foggy morning with my car’s music player on repeat mode at just one song “you are beautiful” by James Blunt, made me feel heavenly and put this soft smile on my face today. It’s not that there was something special today but some how I smiled every time he repeated “You are beautiful, It’s true” ' It may be for the way he hums these words is a lot more than just a compliment to a girl J  

I know I am one of those hopeless romantics at heart who believe in concepts like “Happy ever after”, “made for each other” and “soul mates”. Who gets touched with most of these love stories no matter how clichéd they are, who live for the feeling of possibility and hope, who know that love does not exist only in books….

As a little girl I always dreamt of fun, spontaneous and wonderful surprises that love will bring in my life. In my early teens, I was fascinated to imagine that when I will fall in love my life will become more beautiful, every day more colorful, every morning more bright. It’s like when you feel like any other protagonist in Yash Raj films. You will wake up happy every morning, people will suddenly start smiling at you, music will play in the back ground, you will look yourself into mirror some twenty times a day, the wind will make your hair blow in the right directions, and it will rain only so that you can look supremely gorgeous. Every thing will be just PERFECT. We all have thought like this at some point in our life. Haven’t we? :) Perhaps that’s what we call innocent growing up days. But then, as years passed, I realized that it’s not this music in back ground, wind or rain that makes it perfect it’s just HIM

We all have to accept the fact that life is not like a typical bollywood movie where you come across him at an epic moment, with some soft music playing at the back drop and you know that he is the one! Yet, deep down I strongly feel that when that person is around, you know that he is the one with whom you really want to spend the rest of your life with and your heart says, “Yes he is the one, go grab him girl!” :)

I know….. I know for a fact many things…..

No one secretly leaves flowers at your doorstep each day.
Agreed! But he may just know my favourite flowers and gets them for me. 

No one surprises us daily
Agreed! But one day he may just suddenly drop in to my office to make sure if I am fine

No one tells you every day that how much they love you,
Agreed! It might be at least expected moment when he says, I LOVE YOU.... and I turn speechless

Falling in love is certainly beautiful. Something that heightens the wonderful experience that is life. Some day, I want to get married looking at my best to someone who cannot believe how unbelievably gorgeous I am [ok now even if I am stretching it a bit, but it's my wedding day ;-) ]. Lol

And now till that day comes I write this blog for this future guy so that one day when he will read all this he will just know how long I have been waiting for him to come along :)