Sunday, 9 September 2012

The world full of endless possibilities!!

Life has it's own ways of dealing with us, giving us or taking things from us... It bowls at us the series of things - celebrations, friendships, heartaches, acceptance, denials and we learn to handle it all. We grow up being more cautious than we have to, trusting people less than we intended to and also learning to behave in social gatherings with a plastic smile. Yes, we transform with time, we grow up!!

Somehow I could never relate to those growing up sensibilities too much and have always been more inclined towards younger ones. The times when we actually trusted people, when we were happy; it showed on our face and when we were sad, tears could tell the entire story, when impressing people was never on front seat, when feeling of forgiveness was always mutual and when Sunday morning cartoons were more important than global warming :) When we were 5 years of age and people asked us what do we want to be when we grow up, our lives were full of possibilities. Our dreams were inspired of travelling to moon, to be a snorkeler, to build a castle, in my case - be a princess like Snow White :P We grew 10 and people asked us again. We replied little differently - an engineer, businessman, writer, artist, in my case - Travel Anchor :) These dreams kept on changing as we grew old.

And now that we have grown up they are expecting a sober answer from us. Well, if you ask me I would say, who the hell knows? This surely is not time to bind our lives with some firm and quick rules; it's time to make mistakes. Take the wrong road and get stuck somewhere. Live it up! Fall in love - Open your heart to love even when it feels broken, no matter if world warns you to be cautious because you have experienced heart break in past. Follow your dreams even if it means walking many miles on rough road of struggle, make as many mistakes as you can, take the adventure trip of living this life.  Believe even if your faith has been shattered. Go on despite broken wings and have courage in the face of darkest emotional storms. That way, some day, when they ask what do we want to be, we won't have to guess.... We will know.

Life is amazing and is about living it to the fullest and if a mistake it made, dust yourself off, stand tall and keep moving. No longer beat yourself up for mistakes made, but learn from them. make a positive impact on those around you! But most of all, don't wait until tomorrow to start what your heart longs for today.

We are humans after all, and if we don't make mistakes, we become boring. Isn't it? So let us all grow back to being young and get wiser along the way as there is nothing more fulfilling than experiencing endless possibilities and reaching our goals. Stay Childish!