Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dear Life, Open your mail box!

My super duper loving dear Life,

First of all, I want to apologize for not writing to you for so long. Honestly speaking, I just didn’t realize the right time to write to you (I know, not that good an excuse!). But today I thought I will share few highlights of what all has happened recently and how have I been. I am very happy these days and many new things have happened (as if you don’t know) :P

Almost a month back, I was feeling little lost and I remember how I asked requested you to do something about it. As always you replied back with a smile and switched on the bulb of happiness on my blurred path. Yes, every thing has started appearing more clear and blissful now. The same girl who had to snooze the alarm clock some 3 times before getting up in morning earlier has started to wake up at 6 am every single morning to take a walk in nature (Mind it! It took some real serious effort! Lol). I have been regular with my workouts and no week is spared without sizzling my feet on some music. Have got the patience to set my own bed and fold the bed linens neatly. I have actually started reading Economic Times and not only Delhi Times (No, please don’t get a heart attack after listening to this :P). In office, my boss has started liking my work even more and appreciation mails have been making regular visits to my inbox. Ya! Feels nice! J

As I haven’t travel for nearly a month now I thought to utilize this time in some new manner. On Independence Day, I participated in an event - “Fight against Corruption” with a youth society and celebrated the spirit of freedom with some live bands and dance. On world photography day, picked out my camera and went to Mehrauli Archaeological Park to click some amazing pictures with NCR photo clubs (Though I realized later that I became the focus of few of these photographers in the photo walk) Few people clicked some candid moments of mine and posted as their work on their sites. Not that I didn’t like it but some how any one clicking me without my permission doesn’t go well with me. But here comes another twist…. I have learned to forgive and let go J Not only things but also the people who no longer serve the meaning in my life. And I say this from deepest corner of my heart -“ It feels great”

 I have been trying lots of new cuisines these days. Starting from “Rajender ka Dhaba” , “ Chandni chowk ki paranthe wali gali” to “ The Oberoi’s and Taj’s”, I think in next few  months I am not going to leave any nukkad corner or elegant  place to satisfy my taste buds. And surprise- surprise I am also learning cooking these days from muma J

I recently met few very interesting people. Ya ya you are getting it right. People who make my smile, laugh insanely with me at most pathetic jokes, with whom I can talk about every thing under the sun, share my dreams, even flirt a bit [ah ah ah Now don’t raise your eye brows ;-) ] But above all I think now I have the courage to challenge my own destiny and also to know how to exactly fight for it. I feel as if I have been upgraded to a new improvised version of you, my life and I welcome this new set of hopes, challenges and desires.

Anyways, this much update is enough for now and I will write more often to you now. God Promise! Lol

And one last thing more, “Thank you so much! Here comes a biggggg tight hug to you”

Lots of Love,
[The more matured one!- Mind It!]