Sunday, 12 February 2012

Click me a picture!

It was a day off from work today. It was just a perfect interlude to spend quality time with myself, perfect time to give an ear to my own voice and spend a day in my own band. I was searching for some stuff in my cupboard and suddenly my hands caught one of my most precious chattels – My old albums. I had enough of them to cover my bedroom floor.

People speculate what is the thing with captured images that allures me, but most of the time I fail to make them understand. For me, pictures are my way of preserving the most beautiful moments of my existence on this planet. Ma told me since childhood, I was very fond of getting myself clicked. My face lits up with a big flashing grin every time I sensed a camera around me. She has pictures of me making silly faces, flaunting my new dress, kissing my lovely dolls and posing every time as if I am the next super model or miss universe. Lol I opened my album and took a slow stroll down the memory lane.

Love, Joy, excitement, smiles, a little sorrow there is so much captured in an image. As I looked at each one of them, a whole string of memories followed. At one moment, I am smiling and the next, I have a silent tear rolling down my cheek. I think about the way these years have groomed my life. I am amazed to see how I have grown and evolved. As I smile and flip through the pages of the album, I feel like I have gotten into a time machine and I'm going through my life all over again. Few pictures bring back the memories of people who were once a key part of my life but now it feels as if some one has torn off a page out of my life’s diary. It appears as if that chapter never existed. But before I have time to ponder much about it, I'm distracted by watching myself laugh, enjoy and love unconditionally. Smiling and going through the various emotions I finally landed at the current juncture of this journey - My present.

As I sit here with a zillion thoughts running through my mind and infinite memories flowing in my heart like waves at high tide, I realize something I knew always. Everything that I went through, the fun, joy, laughter, sorrow, unconditional love and everything else is what has brought me to where I am today. All I know is, where I am right now is where exactly I am supposed to be. My little world is absolutely beautiful and I wouldn't have it any other way. While flipping through the pages of my life, the major observation I made is that, the best pictures happened when I was with people who I loved. This is a reason why I love photographs. They tell stories of people I love and bring back the memories of happy times to have me revive them again and again :)