Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Because certain relationships need no “TAGS"

Just for a minute, close your eyes and think of all the people who mean a lot to you… May be the images that flashes to your mind is your family, some one you love, few favorite relatives, few people who were once major part of your world or few close friends with whom you share a very special bond… I believe these are few handful of people we tag as “important”  J 

In this post of mine, I will not talk about these important people, because we already know their worth. These are the people who occupy a major share of thoughts in our mind… To an extent these are the people who hold the power to make us happy or to leave us crying…

But here I talk about the unnoticed, overlooked, unacknowledged, in fact not so important relations, The ones we hardly chose for ourselves… They do not hold any special place in your lives and their absence may not even be noticed, yet their presence makes you at ease. These are the people who don’t expect anything from you, yet unexpectedly make you happy,

I am sure most of you don’t get what I am saying, and have already termed me as insane!!

Umm let me try once again, Do you have any smile friends? Few people with whom you hardly ever talk to, yet whenever you meet them, be it what ever mood you are in, you exchange smiles?

It could be a little girl who waves her hand to you whenever you enter the community park… Or any face book friend whose updates motivates you for life whenever you are down, or any fruit vendor who suggests you to take apples instead of grapes because he believes they are better Or even an attendant of a restaurant who hardly even knows your name, but knows the table you would love to occupy and reserves it for you whenever he sees you walking in  J 

Or it could be even an old colleague whom you are meeting after a long time and he asks your whereabouts! His life of course is not affected by you but still he is concerned. Or an acquaintance, with whom you hardly ever interact comes up to u and asks if you are fine because he has been noticing your missing smile, broken arm or something of that sorts… These people are hardly your friends but they are important. For they give us the happiness which mostly goes unnoticed.

Just for one day, think beyond the important people in your life and concentrate on these people who touch your lives in a special way, spare, even if it’s a minute out of their own busy lives and make you smile!!

You will find loads of such people, acknowledge them!! And look at the smiles you get from them!! Suddenly your handful of important people list will increase drastically!!

I did so today and I am feeling content from deep within. I smiled little more today, appreciated my beautiful life more, shared few hugs today and realized that to make a difference to some one’s life you don’t need a relationship name tag, may be all you need is a little kindness and a will to spread smiles J


  1. Very genuine thoughts expressed in a very unique way.... there's nothing like bringing smiles to others & making their day...it comes back to us many times over! Way to go! Keep up the spirit. :)

  2. You are definitely not an Aquarian, I bet you are a true Capricorn by heart. Not all relations have Names :)