Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A rendezvous with my heart!

Dear Smiling heart,

So it’s been long since we had our one to one conversation!
I thought it’s not a bad idea to write a letter to you.
Can’t help out I am romantic ;-)

First of all, thanks for embracing everything I hold precious...
My memories, desires, dreams and wishes
You are the one that creates my passion and motivation in life.
I just wanted you to know we (Mind and I) are incomplete without you J

Now let’s come to the main point!

I wonder what’s going on?
You laugh frequently,
You don’t complain about any thing now days,
You forgive without arguing,
You don't cry when I prohibit,
You don't even cross your limits,

I mean if you go like this one day you will surely rule the world!!!
So are you grown up now?
Can I be relaxed?

Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Your curious owner,


  1. Haha... this one was interesting.. the next topic you could write is the tales of a ruling heart :)

  2. Dear Neha

    So nice to hear from you after so long. It seems almost like an eternity since v had a tête-à-tête.
    And how much you boast about being romantic, you will always live with the fact that it's only because of me being so awesome and so romantic. :)

    I know we ( Me, you and your crazy mind) are a team, and together we still have much more to explore in life, give wings to your dreams, go to heights nt even thought of, take you places never explored before and most importantly find the love that me and you always keep dreaming of.

    Also i will like to tell you that sometimes I just don’t like the stubborn ways of your mind. It stops you from listening to me. This conflict can lead to unresolved issues in future.

    Now let’s address your present concern -

    First of all I will like to remove all your assumptions of me being grown up. Sorry I've not. The kid in me refuses to die: P and why to want to relax. As far as I know you, you love the crazy side of me. The moment when i skip a heart beat on seeing or doing something you and I love a lot, don't you just yearn for those kinds of passages?

    And i don't complain because i get what i want. You keep me happy and this is all I desire for. After all I am not that self-obsessed either ;)

    And will rule the world?? Hullo... Check your stats, we already do.. Just look around and the see how much people love you and admire you.

    We are just awesome (though tell your mind to mind its ways) !!!!

    I hope this clears it all... Keep writing in, I just love to talk to you.

    Yours Quixotic yet Intelligent Heart...

  3. @Tarun: Yea my heart has many more ideas :)

    @Mohit: I can't keep smiling since the time I have read your thread. That was way too cute :) Thanks for such a lovely gesture and giving voice to my heart. Yes, He still doesn't wants to grow up and I am sure we two are going to have lot more adventurous rides together. Some funny... Some emotional.... And I am gonna trust him till the end :)