Sunday, 21 October 2012

Kyunki har ghar kuch kehta hai!

Which color to design my walls from, the new window that will open up my world to a new sunlight, hours of discussion with mom for the style of furniture to buy, Yup! I am super excited these days being an interior designer for the new look in my old home - Kyunki har ghar ye kehta hai, Ke ismain kaun rehta hai ;-)

They say that our surroundings are a reflection of our thoughts and express to a large extent the kind of person we are. Big or small, our home is that one place in entire world that gives us the satisfaction that no other luxury can match. The more comfortable we feel, the more a house feels like home and the more motivated we are to return to this place where we live with our loved ones!

So these days I am occupied with decorating my world. I know that the kitchen that me and muma are designing will not win any awards. I know that my shopping for that every little thing in market that reflect my choice will not make me a design expert. But I know for a fact that just the liberty to express the kind of surroundings I aspire around me makes my heart soar high. As it's not about constructing, It's about making a home :)

So I will take a short break here till my twinkled eyes and dusty hands finish the job at hand.

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  1. All the best girl..!! I'm sure its gonna be worth it..would like to see your beautiful hard work that reflects you one fine day.. :)