Monday, 24 December 2012

And the countdown has begun……

 "One" – For the sake it’s just a number but how it impacts our lives is really interesting!!!!

When your long awaited holidays are just one day away, how even the thoughts of the upcoming fun keeps on exciting you whole day, when you have just one hour left at work prior to call it off  to enjoy the Friday evening, how the promise of lovely upcoming weekend fires you to do that extra bit of work. When you have fixed a time to meet that special some one, how the needles of watch passes by slowest in that last one hour.

The butterflies you feel in the stomach when you are just one day away from the big day in you life…. Be it your marriage, engagement, graduation, first day of job…..I even wonder at times what all would be going through mind of a lady one day before who is about to give birth to a child. The pleasure in her mind for nurturing a life in her body for nine long months, and the happiness and bliss that child would bring in her life would fulfill her.

I am also feeling this “one” day excitement pattern right now. My longggggg awaited holiday is just a day away now. My travel for next seven days -  I will be going to the places I have never been before, I will be meeting the people I have not seen in years now, I will be getting the complete taste of freedom once again and last but not the least I will be spending these last days of my year with my besties in my fav city Mumbai !!! :)

So dial of my dear clock, please run fast as I am feeling like this excited bunny who can't hold the patience to embrace next seven days :)

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