Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Being on the cover page of a prestigious magazine!

This one comes from the diary of a page from my childhood. I still remember the day clearly while sitting on the bench in a park outside our house, my sister once asked me, “If God decides to fulfill any 3 of your wishes what all would those be?” To her surprise my dream list was just not restricted to 3 - To walk ramp as a model for one of the biggest brands, to appear on the cover page of a prestigious magazine, to win a trophy after beating many participants in rough car rallies, to climb the highest of mountains, to jump from a plane in sky, to give dance stage performances, to win awards for my work. There was no end to them just like the countless stars that night.

All those dreams emerged next to impossible at that time considering the fact that no one from my family even thought of such crazy dreams. She listened to me patiently with a smile on her face, hugged me hard and assured, if I believe in them, they all will come true.

Call it luck or my commitment and desire so strong that all the dreams I saw for myself came to life. I lived up to each and every dream that seemed impossible that time. I was not a model, but I walked ramp for Provogue, I was not a rally driver, still I mustered the courage and participated in one, I was not the best employee of my organization, still I won deal of the year award, the girl that was not even allowed to stay out of home after 9 pm in childhood, traveled various parts of country alone to explore herself.

This month has been really special for me, as I lived one more dream of my childhood fantasy. I got a chance to appear on the cover page of one of the most prestigious magazines “ NRI Achievers” , representing Indian Culture and freedom in “66th Anniversary of Independence” August 2013 Issue. This prestigious magazine’s readership profile includes NRIs and PIOs from across the globe, embassies, Indian High Commissions and embassies abroad, Central/State ministries, central libraries, top hotels, major clubs, international cultural centres, trade and industry associations, chambers of commerce, the railways and different airlines, apart from the regular subscription based circulation throughout the country. 

As I hold this magazine in my hands today and see that proud smile on my dad’s face, only my heart knows how it feels. You know you are doing good, when sometimes you even get inspired by yourself J As I write this blog today, I am thinking of those countless stars that night in park and promising myself to live up to these endless beautiful dreams so that the day I die, I should be able to say, “ Kya zindagi thi yaar, maza aa gaya” J

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