Monday, 8 August 2011

My visit to Ghost town: Bhangarh

Bhangarh – This one name was spinning in my head since the time I read about it in a book related to the history and tales of India. We have heard about ghosts and haunted places but the question is how many such places have the distinction of being acknowledged by govt. to prohibit the entrance in the boundary before sunrise and after sunset? Bhangarh is one such place and is considered to be most haunted place in Asia. It is said that Bhangarh was destroyed overnight, and the spirits of the killed still exist there and no body returns from this place who stays here after dark.  I was so eager to visit this magnetic place that I made this program in couple of days. I asked few people to join me but most of them gave this strange expression as if even before reaching the place they were scared to be caught by the spirits. But then what better it could have been to explore the place with best of your pals on friendship day :) Finally the day came and the journey began to satisfy our quest to find the truth and decode the unknown.  We started our drive from Delhi and our car flew fast amid lush locales of Rajasthan. 

Bhangarh has a dark story of black magic. Locals of the place say that the charm of princess of Bhangarh Ratnawati was said to be matchless in entire Rajasthan. In the Kingdom of Bhangarh a tantrik fell in love with her and cast a spell on a bowl of oil using black magic which would hypnotize the princess by her mere touching the oil and she would come to him. But as soon as the princess got the oil she threw it on the block of a stone as she had seen the tantrik eying the oil. Princess sensed the spell and cast one of her own which mortally wound the tantrik who cursed the city before dying that that there will be such an incident that everybody in the palace would die and their souls will stay there for centuries without rebirth. Local villagers say that whenever a house has been built there its roof has collapsed and it seemed to be a fact as we noticed that all the houses there were made of straw not bricks.

After hours of driving and singing songs at top of our voices we all reached Bhangrah. The weather was amazing and we all were in full mood to enjoy at the fullest. There was some thing really strange about the place though. On our way locals were warning us not to stop the car at any deserted place near the fort and be cautious of people asking to stop the car. This was certainly increasing our ad reline rush. We started exploring the place with eagerness and found few strange things and suffocation inside the fort. Suddenly it began to thunder and rain. Yup! It definitely added the flavor to our trip in filmy style. But contrary to getting scared we started getting drenched and dancing in rain. Jumping around the trees and making stupid noises to scare our people was the first job in hand. After spending few hours there we decided to head back to Delhi enjoying local Rajasthani food at dhabas on highway.

Everyone was happy with the overall experience but something was really very unusual about the place, something that's beyond description, beyond reach. But what ever it was we all will remember this day for long time to come....


  1. hey neha that sounds very promising,i will also plan a trip soon thanx for sharing your experience
    stay blessed

  2. lol Very funny Pranav! Wat happened to your memory? We went together my Ghajini :P