Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Flying the friendly skies in South!

So it was almost three months since I traveled last and the travel bug in me was getting restless to discover and explore something new. Every time I travel, I leave my safe harbor far behind to explore what my dreams always excited me to do, to figure out why I am so madly in love with far off destinations, to live freely on my own will, to mingle and laugh with the people who are yet to be part of my world. And there was no exception this time as well. With no fixed itinerary in mind, I packed my bags and decided to leave for Bangalore.

I always love the airport sensation. Seeing happy faces around, as if every one loves to travel like me and maybe they're so excited to imagine lovely people welcoming them when they have arrived just like what I was feeling. Every time I boarded a flight and was just next to the clouds outside or some times even above them, I had one question in mind, “Now how far is God? :) The answer was somewhere within… Any where I go, I feel his presence along.

My flight was delayed and reached late to Bangalore leaving me no option to stray in the city that day but planning a memorable night with my friends listening to some melodious numbers on guitar and late night Maggie that set just the right mood for the night :)

Next morning we adventure junkies decided to set out from Bangalore to “Hogenakkal Falls, famously known as Niagara falls of India”.  From here river Cauvery enters into Tamil Nadu as a big river with cascading waters. The falls were breath taking. The roaring water was falling into the deep gorge. Even though the river Cauvery was getting on with its rapid life but just the view made me slow down on my life and cherish its beauty. We took a coracle ride among the falls. I decided to get into the 100 feet deep water [Yes you read it right – 100 feet deep! How courageous of me na! Though I am not leaving any opportunity to exaggerate it here as I had life jacket on. Lol :P] Soon it was time to go back to Karnataka. Cool breeze was blowing and the weather was fantastic. A slight drizzle on and off added to the beauty. The drive back was simply amazing.

Next early morning was scheduled for Coorg. Till date I had just seen the mesmerizing pictures of this panoramic place but now was the time to experience it in real. On our way we crossed Nagarahole Tiger Reserve and saw some beautiful birds and animals from our car. During last 1 hour of reaching Coorg it began to rain and thunder. I was looking out from the car window, feeling the little silver droplets falling on my face with closed eyes and having flash forwards of life’s upcoming attractions. I guess for the first time in life I experienced “trance”. This was certainly the most memorable moment of my entire journey. On reaching our resort we lit the bonfire and spent the night dancing and sharing life talks with each other.

Next one day was spent in tea plantations and admiring beauty of this wonderful place. I also tried adventure sports of zipping and driving 220 cc ATV dirt bike in dust. Wooh that was such an experience! Before I could get over the beauty of this wonderful place, it was time to head back to Bangalore. I checked out few nice dining places in Bangalore along with their world famous “Idli – sambar – dosa” :)  The most marvelous place I found in Bangalore was 80 feet tall Shiva idol. I spent good 2 hours there and experienced deep peace within. I didn’t realize where these four days flew by and it was time to go back home. They say you leave a part of yourself in the place where you travel but I feel I brought along a new me from there. My being - A step more closer to self :)


  1. D ending is jus simply superb !!! As quoted by St. Augustine“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”.... I am sure in coming years you will have many more pages !!