Tuesday, 24 April 2012

L'affaire Goa !!!

This probably would seem like a strange question to ask considering most of us are already adults. Do you remember the days when we were kids and when people asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up? We all had answers that were absolutely incredible. We all wanted to be doctors, rock stars, super heroes, actors, all sorts of things that seemed completely free of a world based on rules. For me, the answer was always to be a travel anchor. To get an opportunity to explore all the exotic places on this planet and meet all the interesting people across the globe.

Though destiny had some different plans for me and I ended up in advertising world. But I know that there are no barriers to living, feeling, experiencing, doing whatever it is you desire to do at any given time. Everything is possible. I always knew no matter what I will still manage time to nurture my dream and explore this beautiful planet. And as they say, if you want something from deep within the whole universe conspires to make it true. Something similar was in store for me too. Soon after returning from my South trip, I got the opportunity to take a turn towards west and nothing could have been more fascinating than Goa - its a place of verbs- seeing, doing, being, living J

This trip was my epitome of craziness (Few things I can’t even mention on the blog as they are too silly to admit at a public platform like this. Lol) and now when that madness is over I can sit and pen about my most-exotic-trip to Goa. The trip was scheduled for four days and we stayed in Taj Vivanta Holiday Resort. There was something very magnetic about the place. The charming resort flirts with the seafront and villas play hide & seek with the gardens and swinging palms. This property reflected the true spirit of Goa.

I loosen myself up the moment I reached the sea shore, kicked off my floaters and jumped in water. So refreshing it was! This was just the beginning; we still had more exciting days coming up to explore these beautiful, de-stressing waters. Hurrahhhh! We spent that night dancing and celebrating life in oh so famous DJ Akeel’s pub – Hype till wee hours of the morning.

There must be a reason why they call 3 AM as “The Devil’s Time.” Whenever I group with this gang and do something crazy, it happens close to 3 AM or so. Like last time it was in Bangkok. Weird! The Devil loves us for sure. Lol So I was challenged by them to get up to the table and perform dance amidst crowded dance floor. My own voice questioned in my mind - Neha, Are you actually going to do that? And I nodded my head in agreement. Lol Leaving my inhibition aside I jumped on to the top of table and danced as if there is no tomorrow. My own friends were screaming my name loud and cheering me up. Shedding the inhibition, celebrating the mischief and getting over fears is among the things I'll always remember. For that one moment as if my world was spinning in a slow motion with a smile on my face. May be after many years, when I will be settled in my family, I will be sitting, reading this blog and would be smiling knowing I have been wild, I have been crazy and I have lived through every moment of my life.

Goa gave me many reasons to smile, to come close to myself, to realize that it’s important to live before we die. This was my second trip to Goa. I was there last year also exactly at the same time. When I am there I always feel as if I have stolen few days from my own life. The way sun tickles your face and the sea kisses your feet…. The sunset, the beautiful horizon, few good memories and a vision for future….  I also tried the water sports that triggered a rush of adrenaline. I explored my adventurous side by going for speed water scooter and parasailing. . Seeing the sea from above with everyone below you like Lilliput is amazing. It also triggered few old memories with my friends last year, I know things were different then, they are different right now and may be will be much different when I visit this place next. Only my heart can guess what I meant when I used this line J

I spent these four days in Goa enjoying action packed evenings, calm morning walks along the beach sides, pleasant candle light dinners, swimming with my girls in an exotic pool and unlimited dreams of my future that is still to unfold. But as they say, what happens in Goa stays in Goa! This was one of few other “Crazy Trips” that qualified enough to be on the Web J

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