Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day to the woman who taught me to be strong and made me who I am today!

Even though I don't need just one day to celebrate your existence in my life, but still here I am making an attempt to let you know what you mean to me, Muma.

As I close my eyes to find the best words, to describe what you mean to me, I go blank and go through pages of heaven’s dictionary. Only a divine word in the highest means can describe the role you play in my life… I love you for the way you say "Your birthday is mother's day for me." and gaze at me and every time my face lit up smiling back at you saying "awww" J

I owe you. I owe you a lot…. For preparing my breakfast and lunch when I am enjoying my sleep, so that I can reach office on time to you putting me off to sleep in the night when I'm unable to calm my mind and put it to rest. ". For bribing me with my favorite dish after cancelling plans on me to being psychic enough to understand my mood when I am sad and telling lies to you for not discussing it and you say "I was at your age too.” As I know how inexpressive you are, it makes me feel so amazing when you tell me I am your best friend.

I enjoy the way we share secrets and then crack inside jokes in front of papa. The way you tease me by saying "Pasand aa gaya?" every time I stare at a cute guy in the mall :P The way you plan a birthday surprise for me and then end up telling me before hand because you are so excited about it :D The way you react at my clothes and say "Ye kya pehen liya :O" every time the combination looks funny or my dress is too short. Lol .

It still makes me nostalgic when I think about how from the age when I was 5 years old. , I have grown up to sit on your kitchen platform while you cooked delicious meals and I would tell you about everything that happened in school. From a boy standing on desk for not doing home work to the frock which got dirty just because I tripped over a puddle. You would listen to my endless stories and laugh with me over the most non funniest thing I used to say just to make me feel nice. It surprises me when I get hurt and bleed, you shout at one moment and apply ointment the very next J The way you force me to drink Bournvita every evening and got me addicted to it.

I am grateful for every thing you did for me being so selfless and for many other things that have not been mentioned here.  You boost my confidence and control my ego. You instilled the values and the lessons that make me the woman that I am today. I love you mom and I always will


  1. And we thank Aunty for giving us such a lovely friend :)

  2. Awww so sweet! It feels nice to be around friends like you :)